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Efficient process control

Process visualization logistics

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Processes and supply chains are prone to error. Irregularities, broken goods and loading errors are some of the common issues that occur daily.

Our solution: Visualizing processes with Video Security.

  • Keep the entire supply chain and other processes in view.
  • You record the status of your goods at every point in time and down to the last detail.
  • Images are linked to barcodes or RFID: Simple, fast research and valuable evidence.

Our customers have experienced it: An investment in our video systems pays for itself after a few months.

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Increase your business success. These are the advantages of process visualization

The advantages at a glance

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Maintain the overview

Which vehicles and persons are where on your premises? Who can do what? GEUTEBRUCK process visualization provides you with the full picture.

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Document efficiently

Each shipment is recorded at each point, with no gaps, and documented in video images without any additional work.

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Find quickly

GEUTEBRUCK process visualization links video images with scanned codes. Thus, the state of each shipment can be found within seconds.

This makes process optimization a breeze. Contact us, we are happy to help.

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Supply Chain Security / Process visualization logistics

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What we can do for you ...

  • Potential analyses in internal logistics
  • ROI calculations for investments in video technology
  • Material flow improvements through process visualization
  • Process improvement through expertise in Supply Chain Management
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Your GEUTEBRÜCK partner for process consulting

We are happy to discuss your logistics objectives and possibilities for improvement through process visualization. Christian Schober,
SCHOBER Business Development
Phone: +49 89 89 73 63 63
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Save costs with process visualization from GEUTEBRUCK!

Expensive inventory discrepancies? Costly loss? High process costs? Optimize your supply chain and root out problems. Minimize irregularities, broken goods and loading errors!

  • Loss prevention due to complete documentation
  • Process acceleration through visualization
  • Cost savings through premium reductions
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