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Video Security – effective and secure for every application and industry

Do you need protection from vandalism and theft? Are you concerned about sabotage or fraud in your company and would you like to secure your premises, parking lot or business? GEUTEBRUECK offers modern, proven security solutions that are tailored to your needs. As a result, you can achieve the level of control and security that you need. With expertise collected during more than 40 years developing video systems, GEUTEBRUECK represents first-class software and hardware as a complete package from a single source.

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High-resolution surveillance cameras

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Surveillance solutions from GEUTEBRUECK: Individual. Secure. Highly integrative.

Services for Video Security

An image contains enormous potential!

Your Winning Image with Video Security

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Video security – what is it? Today, any system can allow you to view and record high-resolution images. However, an effective security solution must do more: One relevant image at the right time is crucial. The special feature of GEUTEBRUECK security technology is the open interfaces, which can be perfectly integrated into your existing security infrastructure, process controls or facility management. Our systems combine data from various sources, for example your fire protection system. When it counts, you can find the one relevant image that contains the decisive information. In short: Your Winning Image. Example: Your perimeter protection registers a movement at the fence. This image is automatically displayed on your monitor. You can thus see what actually happened, either live or in the recording. It is dark? No problem. Our thermal camera still provides your Winning Image. Even over long distances, in all weathers, and entirely independent of the lighting.

Value Imaging - optimize processes and save costs

Save 50,000 euros with your Winning Image

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If you visualize the interfaces in your processes, you can discover enormous potential. Hidden value becomes visible and, most importantly, it can also be utilized! Convince yourself. You can learn all about our services for Value Imaging here.

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