SDK NEWS [May 15, 2012]

New RTSP/RTP component for free-use in the media plugin SDK
New GeViSoft SDK
GStore: The GEUTEBRÜCK Application Store
Recommendation: Update to GeViScope/re_porter SDK 6.0.881.420

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SDK NEWS [September 05, 2011]

New GStore product: G-CIAS
GStore brings your development idea to the CCTV market
Update to GeViScope/re_porter SDK 6.0.880.261
Extending the SDK Division

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SDK NEWS [April 13, 2011]

H.264 support in GeViScope/re_porter SDK
Use of GeViScope/re_porter feature Transcoding
Use of GeViScope/re_porter SDK in Windows 7
Update to GeViScope/re_porter SDK 6.0.880.204

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SDK NEWS [January 12, 2011]

GEUTEBRÜCK starts the GStore!
Your SDK Manager
New GStore product: G-WalknView
New SDK example: Viewer ActiveX control

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SDK Manager

SDK Manager
Patric Meyer

Your personal contact for everything to do with software development kits (SDKs).

Developer support
Individual developer training courses

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions, problems and suggestions in relation to this area.



GEUTEBRÜCK offers certified software applications developed by external companies which integrate in GeViScope and re_porter systems.