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Geutebrück in Brief

Geutebrück is one of the world market leaders for video systems “Made in Germany”. The medium-sized family business with a global reach enables customer-specific solutions through Value Imaging and Video Security, to minimize losses and maximize profits. Geutebrück thus helps protect values:  people, property, relationships or processes.

Maximum efficiency through Value Imaging
Value Imaging involves linking process data with image data to maximize profits, for example within a supply chain. A barcode can indeed do many things, but cannot actually “see” whether a package is damaged, a truck has an access permit or where and how long it is parked on the site. If images and process data are intelligently linked together through agile interfaces, errors in the production process are immediately detected and rectified. For Logistics 4.0 in particular, real-time visualization enables significant savings through swift action, which means increased profit in the value added chain, hence “Value Imaging”.

Maximum security through Video Security
In the area of professional Video Security, Geutebrück offers maximum security for highly complex entities, such as banks, penal institutions or public buildings.

The solutions, which are tailored to customer requirements, enable seamless protection against intrusion, escape, vandalism or damage. Geutebrück systems autonomously identify who and what is allowed for instance to move around a museum or a spaceport, but above all who and what is not allowed to. Personal rights and data protection compliance are ensured with the failsafe, redundant IP solutions.

The customers
Geutebrück can provide top-class references, both domestic and international. The list of customers and projects above all comprises medium-sized and large companies striving to make savings in their supply chain, along with cities, authorities and a really wide range of sensitive institutions with the most exacting demands in terms of reliable security.

About Geutebrück
Geutebrück has over 250 employees worldwide and customers in more than 70 countries. The family business, which Thomas Geutebrück literally founded in a garage in 1970, now has a second-generation of management provided by the founder’s daughter Katharina Geutebrück and her husband Christoph Hoffmann. Head office, production sites and development center are based in Windhagen, between Bonn and Neuwied.



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