Porsche. Who doesn't have the dream?


Ferdinand Porsche was an incomparable visionary and pioneer of his time. He is considered the inventor of the first electric and hybrid engines, which developed into an ecological trend of the future more than 100 years later. His grandson, Ernst Piëch, documents the work of his grandfather in the world of experience fahr(T)raum in Mattsee, Austria. And GEUTEBRUCK protects it.

On 2,000m² of exhibition space, the human dream of individual mobility is skillfully addressed and staged.

Valuable exhibits from the manufacturers Lohner, Steyr and Austro-Daimler along with a collection of tractors, added in 2014, from the Allgäu and Porsche production are presented to the visitors, but look, don't touch!

But fahr(T)raum strives to make history accessible. For this reason, there are interactive installations, such as a scaled-down wind tunnel or the driving simulators of an automobile from 1910 and a modern race car.

As this dream project became a reality, it became necessary to secure the fahr(T)raum. The task was given to the Fiegl + Spielberger GmbH, which created a solution from a single source. True to the motto: "There is an expert for everything. But just one for your security". Fiegl + Spielberger integrated different security systems into one powerful unit. At the center of it all is a powerful GEUTEBRUCK GeViScope video system platform.

Thanks to GEUTEBRUCK's policy of open interfaces, it was not only easy to integrate all the subsystems, they can also be centrally operated, in a uniform, user-friendly manner. The expansion of additional systems or the integration of new technologies can also be performed at any time. When deciding on Geutebruck, another reason was particularly significant: The extremely high level of reliability and the quality of the products. That fits the concept. From fahr(T)raum and from Fiegl+Spielberger.