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More than security

Value Imaging enhances profitability

Value Imaging maximizes success

In classic video security applications, companies invest to secure areas and objects. Value Imaging is an additional benefit that results from GEUTEBRUECK solutions. Hidden values can be discovered in processes and the associated potential realized. Wherever goods are transported from A to B. From the baggage carousel at the airport to order picking in industrial companies to traditional logistics processes. Video information is used as evidence when communicating with customers, helping you to clarify irregularities, and it is also used in the analysis and optimization of processes. Through shorter loading times, proof of incorrect loading, or savings resulting from damage proven to be the responsibility of third parties, customer experience has shown that value imaging pays for itself quickly, often in just a few months. Fulfill your potential and protect your values!

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Find misdirected goods in seconds

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Uncover weaknesses in the supply chain

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Clarify liability and optimize processes

Saving 50,000 euros with just one image – how is that possible?

Your Winning Image with Value Imaging

Was the shipment damaged, incomplete or too light? Your pallet was misdirected? Was the refrigeration chain of the goods not maintained? This can all be costly and jeopardize your competitiveness. The genius of the solution: All relevant information can be hidden in just a single image – even if you do not recognize it at first glance. To this end, you need GEUTEBRUECK systems. First, you register each shipment in your ERP system, whether manually, with a scan or RFID. Our system combines this data with the pictures and can then answer all crucial questions for you at any time:

We guarantee your winning image by recording, linking and precisely delivering the right information. See more with your winning image!

Do you want to protect your building or complex?

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Today an effective security solution must do more than allow you to view images: The special feature of GEUTEBRUECK security technology is to combine data from various sources, for example your fire protection system. Convince yourself!

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