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Deterrence, prevention and preservation of evidence

More video security in educational institutions

Speaking plainly, a video security system cannot completely prevent criminal offenses in general education schools, vocational schools, colleges, universities and campus universities. But, a GEUTEBRÜCK video security system can actively contribute to the detection of harassment, substance abuse, extortion, theft, use of weapons, vandalism or even violent attacks, in some cases while they are still in progress, or at the least it can provide clear evidence for use in legal proceedings. Because every act of violence is one too many and would have been better prevented before it happened. And, any offender who is punished effectively deters potential offenders. As soon as something happens, as the safety officer you will immediately become the subject of public criticism. On the one hand, you cannot just transform the premises into a high-security facility. On the other hand, you are required by your educational mission to ensure that the students have a safe environment.

Effective security begins with the joint development of a detailed security concept, in which the layout of the buildings, the behavior of the students and the schedules, responsibilities and rules of conduct of the supervisory staff are coordinated with the comprehensive technical capabilities of your GEUTEBRÜCK video security system.

These 3 points ensure greater safety in educational institutions.

Video security – highly effective for your application.

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Your video security system verifiably reduces the number of offenses to a small number of well-documented exceptions. Everywhere visible camera installations with signs deter potential offenders and also provide everyone else with the secure feeling that comes with being effectively protected.

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Duty of supervision is a difficult task. You turn your back on what is going on for a moment and something happens. And you are responsible! Your video security system helps you efficiently in your everyday tasks and shows you what really goes on "behind your back".

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Securing evidence

Often, it comes down to conflicting statements. Who is right, who is lying. You need to decide! Stored, high-resolution video images show the truth. This protects your "nerves" and ensures that you can make decisions that provide justice that no one can contradict.

Examples of the effectiveness of your video security system in your school:

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