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To protect our energy supply

Expertise and experience

Our energy supply is now composed of a wide range of energy sources worldwide. These include primary natural energy sources, such as oil, coal, gas, wind, water, sunlight, and secondary energy sources produced from primary sources, such as gasoline, diesel, district heating and above all electricity. Imagine that starting tomorrow our worldwide energy no longer existed. A new "stone age" would be the catastrophic result. It is in all our interest to protect the energy supply infrastructure, in particular our electricity supply. Operators and security officers have a great responsibility here, as do planners and installers. Take advantage of our extensive proven experience with professional video security systems and monitoring of highly sensitive areas. Our hardware and software components with open interfaces to just about any other systems provide you with the perfect solution for your security needs.

The advantages at a glance

We provide the images you need for your security.

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Video security – a unified solution

Brilliant camera images, intelligent video analysis techniques, intelligent, proven alarm management, redundant image storage, intuitive operation – true professionalism is found in the details.

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Long distances – no problem

Even remote and unmanned systems are integrated transparently into your central security system. Video images immediately indicate any irregularities. Whether burglary or accident: You always have a clear picture of what is happening locally.

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Communication – effective and interdisciplinary

Link your existing alarm systems and the video security solution using our open interfaces. Automatically activated camera images provide support when an incident occurs. Video recording documents all processes seamlessly.

Some exemplary solution modules for your energy portfolio:

What we provide for you ...

  • A solution that suits you perfectly.
  • A solution from a single source.
  • A solution that remains open and flexible.
  • A solution that will amaze you!

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