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Protect yourself, your employees and your property

Security for industry and SMEs

Safety for you, your employees and your property, whether retail space, warehouse, workshop, office or company premises

As the manager or owner of small or medium sized enterprise, security is of vital importance. It seems only times unnecessarily – until something happens. Then it becomes very important very quickly. Our video security solutions are designed so that you can forget all the technology and details, as long as nothing happens – and everything is there when you need it. Efficient and effective, yet easy to manage. With flexible interfaces to access control or intrusion detection systems, to the point-of-sale system or your smartphone, your tailor-made system meets your needs exactly.

The benefits of security for industry and SMEs

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Protection against theft, fraud or vandalism

A good security concept protects you against external risks. The right technology helps. It detects intrusion attempts, alerts the security guard, documents procedures and processes. For your security.

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Better terms with your insurance

The right safety concept can give you a good negotiating position with your insurance, for low premiums and a low deductible. Your investment pays off quickly.

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Security as an argument for your customers

Prevention against external risks also means more security for your customers. You reduce the risk that you cannot make deliveries as promised. Because your customers rely on you.

What we provide for you ...

  • A solution that suits you perfectly.
  • A solution from a single source.
  • A solution that remains open and flexible.
  • A solution that will amaze you!

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