Next Level: Integration server G-Link facilitates even more effective integration


Geutebrück has developed a completely new possibility for the integration of several systems into a homogenous overall system: the new integration server G-Link is a central platform, on which all interfaces in the network run centrally. The elaborate development of interfaces is not required! G-Link connects all interfaces equally and even enables a parallel communication of all systems with each other. For the user this means saving time, flexibility and even more Winning Images!

Whether Video Security or Value Imaging – the combination with third party systems offers great advantages. It saves the user the often time-consuming parallel handling of several separate systems. And video images combined with information from third party systems – such as perimeter protection or barcode scanners in logistics – really do produce the Winning Image. The requirement for this is a jointly coordinated data exchange between the individual systems.

“For us the customer benefit is paramount. Video security is more than just the recording of thousands of images. The one relevant image at the right moment is crucial. In order to provide this Winning Image, we require data from diverse sources. G-Link offers a real benefit, as it simplifies integration while at the same time offering opportunities for the control of the systems”, according to the two General Managers Katharina Geutebrück and Christoph Hoffmann.

The G-Link integration server is a further building block in the Geutebrück range of products for the optimum connection of all systems into a complex, centrally controllable, homogenous overall system. Put simply G-Link is the automatic simultaneous translator which understands, interprets and sends the conflicting event messages of all connected systems to the others in an understandable format. So each connected system – whether access control, fire protection or product management – can control each of the others and exchange data with it. This software architecture offers a superior level in the joint potential functionality of integrated security systems.

You can find out more about the technical details and available G-Link software options here: