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This park lot is completely safe – thanks to video security provided by experts.

Our favorite place to park!

The success of your parking garage or underground parking facility depends greatly on the subjective sense of safety and security that your customers feel there. This is reflected directly in the user frequency. Who wants to leave their expensive vehicle unprotected and then walk through an unsecured parking lot with an ominous feeling? Criminal incidents such as a hit-and-run after damaging another vehicle, theft, vandalism or even robberies are unfortunately more common than you think. That's scary.
Your professional GEUTEBRÜCK video security system with an individually tailored safety concept provides prevention and deterrence along with the necessary documentation. A good feeling for you and for your customers.

Your parking garage secured with expertise.

Decades of experience pays off.

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Razor sharp images

Changing lighting conditions, back light, reflections: no problem! Our high-resolution megapixel cameras deliver evenly exposed, detailed video images thanks to XWDR technology. You always have a perfect overview of all important details.

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Professional alarm/event management

Connect all your house technology systems to your video security system using a coherent, central security concept. The barrier control, cash register system, intercom system, emergency and motion detectors, gas and smoke detectors: each system delivers the messages you need to see.

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Perfect automated video security at all times of day

The integrated time control of your video security system ensures that your system is automatically tailored to the ambient conditions day, night or on weekends. Regardless of whether the parking garage is full of customers or there is almost no one around, your lot is safe and secure.

The main components for your parking garage security: