Amsterdam police prison – intelligent software for a secure cell system


Video management systems from Geutebrueck are a valuable asset for the optimum protection of the Amsterdam police cell system. New IP cameras and VMS supplement the existing intercom system from Vingtor-Stentofon. The inmates have more freedom and privacy and the guards have greater safety at work.

Intelligent software in the cell system of the Amsterdam Police Department
The Amsterdam-Amstelland Police Department has recently acquired a modern video system from Geutebrueck. The replacement of 99 monitoring cameras is a major step forward in the area of video surveillance. The intelligent G-Core software makes video analysis easier, while simultaneously protecting the privacy of the inmates. The integrated GPU acceleration provides three times faster image processing, while the dual database architecture ensures fast access to saved images and offers a high level of security against manipulation.

More freedom in the cell
A few decades ago, the cell system in Elandsgracht in Amsterdam was one of the first locations in the Netherlands in which inmates were given more freedom in their cells. The idea was to positively influence the behavior of inmates by fighting boredom. They received a TV and computer games and could even control the light, water and temperature in their cells. During this project, the Geutebrueck partner Elbo Technology supplied the intercom systems from Vingtor-Stentofon in 1993.

Intercom systems with a camera
The underlying idea was that a peaceful inmate would be more compliant towards the guards. And the idea worked: the amount of work required to supervise the inmates decreased and the instances of damage went down as well. Over time, the intercom systems in the cells were also equipped with Geutebrueck surveillance cameras. This made it possible for the guards to make contact with the inmates remotely, increasing the level of safety in the guards’ work environment.

Optimal image quality
When the cameras in the cell system needed to be replaced, a modern video system from Geutebrueck was used. The police now not only have optimal image quality, they also have the latest technology in the area of video analysis and ensuring the privacy of the inmates. In addition to the replacement of the cameras, the 91 intercom devices from Vingtor-Stentofon also received an update.

Network connection and coaxial connection
The new Geutebrueck IP cameras in the cell system have a network connection and a coaxial connection. This made it possible to quickly switch from the old system to the new system. During the change, the camera system only needed to be switched off for one hour and the existing system was active up to the last moment.