Happy customers in the Bischheim Energy Park


The industrial area of Bischheim is very lively: Every day it is visited by countless employees, suppliers and customers – and from time to time they cause damage. These days, the rental real estate company Christ & Philippou uses video images to deal with such incidents: Quickly, unambiguously and with technology by Geutebrueck. General manager Ms. Philippou is also happy, and she confirms: "The video system is really easy to use. It provides us with the facts immediately. And it significantly improves our relationship with the tenants."

Christ & Philippou rent out warehouses and offices in four buildings in Bischheim/Strasburg. The complex is also known as "Parc de l’Energie" and it lives up to its name. Occasionally there are delivery errors, damaged bodywork from parking, wrecked green spaces... These incidents are annoying. However, the problem is now solved with the help of Geutebrueck's video solution. It delivers facts, not questions! Ms. Philippou: "Now the video images tell us what happened. We can now provide a safer, more pleasant and relaxed work environment."

To achieve this, we installed Geutebrueck infrared cameras in specific indoor and outdoor places. The cameras operate 24 hours. Thanks to the Full HD resolution each camera covers a large area, which means this is a solution that fits our budget. Inside the buildings, dome cameras were elegantly integrated into the suspended ceiling. A special Geutebrueck assembly set means that the installation of the cameras was time- and cost efficient, which we very much appreciate, just like the discrete design of the domes.

The same motto, time is money, also applies in other areas. Parc de L’Energie has no staff who are exclusively responsible for security. Employees do damage analysis in addition to their other work. Quick results are all the more important. Geutebrueck's High-Speed Motion Search software filters out the key images in seconds. The employee simply defines the relevant image areas, and the video system delivers the search results. The customer is delighted about the short wait, as well as the system's ease of use. The general manager Ms. Philippou: "This is probably the feature we like most. It really is very easy to use!"

But what was the reason Christ & Philippou chose Geutebrueck? After all, they entered new territory, and they had not had a video system before. Ms. Philippou: "Our contact person at Geutebrueck was totally familiar with our needs. He helped us strike a perfect compromise between technology, functionality and cost. The system's functionality and expansion options were also important, of course. But it's very hard for a layperson to distinguish between the different offers." And that's precisely were other advantages also came into play: "At Geutebrueck they take their time to explain the different aspects of the offer and to demonstrate it. We were even given the opportunity to "test" the system in the showroom. And, unlike with other providers, we didn't even have to go far to do this." Ms. Philippou: "Geutebrueck's references also assured us that we made a good choice."

Christ & Philippou are in good company and safe with their video solution. They can now be found among Geutebrueck's many international references.