Safety at the pool – a good feeling


GEUTEBRUCK renews the security technology at the Aachbad in Singen, Germany, with a modern IP system

It's summer and the sun is shining in the blue sky. Divine. What could be better than a trip to the pool? The residents of Singen, Germany are lucky to have an open air pool like the Aachbad in town. Beautifully situated in the countryside, it offers a swimming pool with 6 lanes, an almost 100-foot water slide, a selection of diving boards and a host of other attractions.

However, what is good and beautiful also needs to be well protected. The pool operators particularly had bicycle theft in their sights. In good weather, many visitors come by bicycle and park in front of the pool premises. Yet bicycles were disappearing even when they were properly locked up in the past. They had been stolen. As these incidents started to pile up, the leaders of the city of Singen decided to secure the bicycle parking area with video technology from GEUTEBRUCK. As a result, the video recordings can be used to determine who stole which bicycle, and when. Tamper-proof video images are also admissible evidence in court. Why the administration of the city of Singen chose GEUTEBRUCK technology was easy for Michael Benz from building management to answer: "We use GEUTEBRUCK video security in another public building – the Art Museum in Singen – and are very happy with the easy-to-use technology, the quality of the products and the service".

But increasing bicycle theft was not the only reason to renew the security technology. In the event of an accident or vandalism, the staff wanted to be able to quickly understand what happened.

All images of the new IP security solution are collected centrally on one recording device, which is powered by high-performance software. Rapid availability of high-resolution images is thus ensured with the highest possible level of reliability. All images are stored on a server and can be accessed and used at anytime. A win-win situation for everyone involved.