Warning: A wolf in sheep‘s clothing?


GEUTEBRUCK video solutions secure a large number of solar parks worldwide. The third-largest free-field solar plant in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, the Solarpark Klettgau, belongs to this group. Built on a former gravel pit site, it has gone through a lot in the three years since its commissioning. The photovoltaic system is located on three fields of 5.5 hectares total. Nearly 9,000 modules, two transformer stations and a total capacity of 2.134 MWp make it a showcase project for the district. But what does this output mean in real terms? Well, it is equivalent to the electricity demand of about 750 households. The associated environmental benefit is large: Every year, emissions of up to 1,200 tonnes of CO2 are avoided.
The GEUTEBRUCK video system installed by Elektrotechnik Geiger GmbH is used to protect this large solar park. The requirements are stringent
due to the difficult environmental conditions. Numerous wild animals roam on the site, in the summer, the fields are even grazed. In addition, parts of the area are swampy and the rising mist evaporates on the hot solar cells, forming columns of steam that in the past would trigger bothersome false alarms. This can now be avoided with the use of G-Tect/VMX sensors. The false-positive rate of the GEUTEBRUCK solution is close to zero. This provides relief for the external security company that manages the alarm signals. The company takes advantage of the easy-to-use programming of alarm zones. In particular in summer when the animals are grazing on the premises, it is particularly important to keep an eye out for a wolf in sheep‘s clothing.