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Theft, fraud, robbery, burglary – you are prepared for anything
and can prove it when it happens.

Security for your retail stores

Shoplifting in retail is and remains a serious problem worldwide!

Reduce your inventory losses with our video security solutions.

According to statistics, worldwide theft-related inventory losses in the retail sector (comparison in 43 countries) amounts to about 1.0 to 2.38% of the respective annual sales. That might not sound like much. However, if you take into account that the profit margins in some retail market segments amount to just a few percentage points, then the perspective changes. Overall, this amounts to a loss of 3.9 billion euros in 2013 in Germany alone and worldwide over 86 billion euros! Thieves are particularly attracted to small, relatively expensive items. This certainly also applies to your retail business, department store, supermarket, boutique or specialty shop – in addition to all the trouble, you lose money as well. A GEUTEBRÜCK video security system, tailored to your business needs, deters potential thieves, protects your goods and provides clear evidence for use in legal proceedings.

The advantages at a glance

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None of your items is too small to be overlooked.

A video security system is only as good as the images its camera provides. Our high-resolution megapixel cameras capture even the smallest of items: in the hand of a customer, in the hand of a thief, on the way into a pocket. Live, stored still image sequences, absolutely clear enlarged images, completely reliable evidence.

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Lightning-fast access to saved images

That was suspicious! With just the click of a button, the recording slows down, runs backward, is played frame by frame. Indeed! There is the proof, the item was quickly shoved into a pocket. Recording and playback of your video security system operate completely independently. You have access to your stored images at all times while your system automatically continues to record in the background.

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Economical: recording at a reasonable cost

Your video security system is extremely economical. Thanks to the built-in motion detection (video analysis), only relevant video images are recorded. This saves valuable space and, together with our adaptive stream management, ensures minimal bandwidth usage on your network. Security that quickly pays for itself.

Your GEUTEBRÜCK video security system – comprehensive, detailed, efficient.