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12. November 2019 – The Belfry

Roadshow in Birmingham


  09:00 am  Get-Together
  09:30 am  Presentation 1: Cloud Solutions for Video Security-Systems
  10:15 am  Short break
  10:30 am  Optional
Presentation 2: Face recognition meets data protection - two opposing factors that may come to terms with each other
Presentation 3: Geutebrück solutions for industry and logistics
  11:15 am  Short break
  11:30 am  Presentation 4: Predictive Maintenance - Proactively Preventing a System Failure
  12:15 pm  Short break
  12:30 pm Presentation 5: to be defined 
  13:15 pm Lunch
  Individual departure 


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Presentation 1: Cloud Solutions for Video Security-Systems

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This presentation is about the "computer cloud", which provides IT infrastructures through a computer network without having to be installed on a local computer. The cloud offers attractive options especially for video security systems.

Presentation 2: Face recognition meets data protection -
two opposing factors that may come to terms with each other

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Face recognition is a controversial issue. However, despite all the criticism - with appropriate application and data protection - it has undeniable benefits. Access controls are more secure and undesired persons are detected more quickly. The presentation will explain that facial recognition and data protection can be compatible.  

Presentation 3: Geutebrück solutions for industry and logistics

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The logistics sector is booming - product flows are growing and so are customer requirements: Individual wishes, flexible capacities and low stock levels while ensuring reliable deliveries "just in time".

But how can this complexity be overcome? Transparency is a clear competitive factor. By visualizing the supply chain, you can discover hidden potentials: identify sources of error, control material flows and document process steps seamlessly. The presentation will give you an insight into how we can help you to make your processes more transparent and efficient.

Presentation 4: Predictive Maintenance -
Proactively Preventing a System Failure

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Predictive Condition Monitoring proactively provides information on upcoming maintenance needs and increasing failure risks. It is an important requirement in a concept for predictive maintenance. But is that enough? Björn Haupt, Director of the Geutebrück Academy, explains how you can use this information to build a strategy for the proactive management of failure risks.

Presentation 5:

to be defined

City: Birmingham
Date: 12. November 2019         
Time: 09:00 am
Location: Lichfield Rd, Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield B76 9PR

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If you have any questions about the roadshow, please do not hesitate to contact me." Christine Keppler, Event-Specialist Phone: +49 2645 137 446
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