GEUTEBRÜCK systematic video security system:

G-Link – the integration server

We are 100% open for third-party systems –
incredibly easy integration.

G-Link - servers and options

The G-Link integration server is another building block in the GEUTEBRÜCK product range for optimal connection of all your security systems to form a single complex, centrally controllable, homogeneous overall system. Put simply, G-Link is the automated simultaneous translator that understands and interprets the divergent event reports of all connected security systems and conveys them to the other security systems in a format they can understand.
Many available software options make it possible to easily integrate third-party systems from established manufacturers in the security industry into your security system. From the fire alarm system, to access control, through the burglar alarm system to video analysis.
The future is taken care of. G-Link has been specially designed to be able to quickly and easily implement connections based on customer needs. In addition, more third party systems are continuously being integrated at the factory. Time-consuming coordination work is a thing of the past! G-Link is the solution for your current and future integration needs.

Recommended uses and applications

Ideal for seamless linking of many different, specialized security systems.

Product features

  • Central integration of third-party systems, such as fire alarm systems, access control, intrusion detection systems, video analysis, etc.
  • Open for future integrations based on the customer's needs.
  • Permanent, factory integration of additional third-party systems.
  • Simple allocation of event messages between third party systems.
  • Intelligent processing of I/O contacts.
  • Automatic re-establishment of a connection after an interruption to the network connection.
  • Automatic health examination of all related systems.
  • Optional redundancy mode with two synchronized servers (computers).

G-Link - servers and options

G-Link Softwareoptions Overview

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Product Info

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Solution Sheet

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