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Save time and money through fast locating operations

Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Your added value

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If goods are not in the intended location, it is often necessary to take inventory of empty spaces, work that is time consuming and labor-intensive. Whether delivery dates can be maintained is often questionable. Incorrectly loaded goods can also be inefficient and expensive, if you cannot track down where the goods were actually delivered. Damage to your image and expensive insurance premiums are the result.

How it works: Track & Trace

When searching for incorrectly stored or loaded goods, video images provide crucial information. By linking in-house interfaces with video images, you can easily trace the path of the goods in your area using scan data or other features. This allows you to see at which location the goods are temporarily stored or to which destination they were loaded at outgoing goods. If a pallet still cannot be found using automatic package tracking "High Speed Motion Search" can help: Look for the last scan and mark the palette. Every movement in the marked area is displayed by our system within seconds. You now track the pallet by switching to adjacent cameras.

All the added value at a glance:

Storage hall

  • Finding incorrectly stored pallets
  • Minimization of manual inventory work
  • Clarification of incorrect loading operations

Conveyor belt

  • Automatic and visual package tracking
  • Clarification in case of incorrect sorting and belt stoppage
  • Alarms in case of fallen goods

Download: Overview of our solutions

Value imaging: Track & Trace

Save time and money through fast locating operations

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No lengthy search for incorrectly stored goods

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Clarification of the whereabouts of incorrectly loaded goods

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Savings of reimbursement costs and insurance premiums

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