Accessories WPH-PSU/9-12-15VDC/18W/004

Internal mains unit 9, 12, 15 V DC - 18 W

  • Order-No. 5.03632
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Accessories G-Case/JBX UBS

Installation set for mounting of G-Case/JBX boxes on poles, corners outdoor and for corners inside rooms

  • Order-No. 4.22929
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Accessories G-Case/JBX TBLS

Tension band with tension lock for fixing the holder sets G-Case/JBX TBLS

  • Order-No. 4.12072
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Accessories G-Case/JBX LSA Board

LSA connection board for G-Case/JBX junction boxes

  • Order-No. 2.02386
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Accessories G-Case/JBX LSA IT

Assembly tool for cable connection to the LSA board in the G-Case/JBX junction boxes

  • Order-No. 5.27511
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Accessories G-Case/JBX SSG SW30

Socket wrench for closing the cable gland of the G-Case/JBX junction boxes

  • Order-No. 5.27510
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Accessories G-Case/PSU-002

Power supply unit for the installation into the weather proof housing G-Case/WPH-4020 and G-Case/WPH-4220.

  • Order-No. 5.15865
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Accessories G-Case/ACG-001

Front unit for the weather proof housing G-Case/WPH-4020, G-Case/WPH-4220 and G-Case/WPH-4310 with protective glass.

  • Order-No. 5.15860
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Accessories G-Case/BWM-040

Wall mounting arm for wall- and pole mount installation of the weather proof housings G-Case/WPH-4020.

  • Order-No. 5.15850
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Accessories G-Case/BPE-040

Pendant mount bracket for a G-Case/WPH-4220 or G-Case/WPH-4310.

  • Order-No. 5.15852
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