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Central monitoring

Most banks need to manage multiple locations. Several hundred branch locations is not uncommon. System-wide compatibility combined with efficiency and simplicity in centralized administration are crucial criteria. With the G-SIM safety management system, using a network you can comfortably manage the technology in all branches a central location. Whether user rights, configuration, service and maintenance or alarms and events – all information is presented clearly with supporting map information. Adjustments to the system are performed centrally and are automatically rolled out to the selected locations.

The advantages at a glance

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Efficient site management

Maps help you keep an overview of all your locations. Take a look in your branches, but also see what access control reports.

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Efficient user management

Access rights must be carefully maintained. You manage and define them once centrally, the system provides the information to each device automatically.

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Efficient maintenance

Routine tasks are automated. If the equipment breaks down, you receive a message immediately. As do the technicians you commission.

Our products for your central monitoring system


Very compact 5 Megapixel IP camera for indoor use with extreme high resolution and a special lens, which allows a 360° surveillance and virtual PTZ

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