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Documented security at the entrance

The entrance is an extremely critical area, representing the interface to the outside world. The performance of security procedures, such as X-ray scanning, can be recorded using video documentation and documented as evidence for use in legal proceedings.

The advantages at a glance

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Easy integration

Easily connect the access control, X-ray scanner and the video management. All images are thus ordered immediately.

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Clear playback

All camera images are displayed synchronously. This allows you to maintain an overview when searching.

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Fast search operations

With the help of additional recorded data, you can find the relevant images immediately, using for example the time and date or the visitor badge number.

Our products for your documented security


Powerful Compact Hardware especially suitable for documenting two RGB signals from one x-ray scanner with pre-installed 64 Bit G-Core video engine and 64 Bit operating system Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro, database up to 10 TB, HDD configurable

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