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Professional IP thermal imaging camera in weather proof housing with PoE power supply, a frame rate of 30 fps and a horizontal field of view of 42° for outdoor surveillance (IP 66) use. Suitable for video surveillance in total darkness, light fog or smoke with focus on perimeter protection or video analytic applications. The thermal imaging is based on an uncooled VOx microbolometer with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixel. The camera offers a special image contrast enhancement feature delivering crisp and clear images with excellent contrast based on the compression format MJPEG or H264CCTV which is optimized for video security tasks. Possible operating distances of camera: Person detection / recognition / identification Max. 355 m / Max. 65 m / Max. 50 m Vehicle detection / recognition / identification Max. 900 m / Max. 170 m / Max. 130 m Field of view: 42° (H) x 30° (V), MOD 2 m, Focal length: 7.5 mm / F1.2 Spectral range: 8 to 14 µm Thermal sensitivity: < 50 mK Frame rate: 30 fps Video Streaming: 1 x H.264, 1 x MJPEG, or 1x H.264CCTV Set-up: Via web browser Security: 802.1X network access control, HTTPS, SSLv2v3 Thermal picture display: White hot, Black hot, Colored Digital zoom: Up to 4x Connector: Water sealed RJ 45 socket Interface: Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Power supply: Only via PoE (802.3 af) Power consumption: Max. 12.95 W (incl. heater) Operating temperature: - 40 °C to + 55 °C Dimensions in mm (W x H x D): 135 x 120 x 350 Weight: Approx. 2.6 Kg; Classification: IP 66 Software option: G-Core/CamConnect (8.34020) is required Accessories incl.: Wall mount bracket, Preconfigured connection cable 5 m, RJ45 plug for "at site" tool free assembly Accessories optional: Pole mount adapter WPH/PMA-345 (5.18372) Connection cable with special length on request. Please note, that selling this camera into 3rd party countries is permitted only after prior approval by GEUTEBRUCK. The export is subject to the EC and U.S. export control regulations.
  • Unobtrusive video surveillance or videomotion detection in total darkness
  • Especially suitable for large area surveillance (very early detection)
  • Reduction of false alarms (e.g. scattered light) in combination with video analytics
  • Optimal performance in Geutebrück systems using H264CCTV compression
  • PoE support and easy installation
  • ONVIF compatible


Specifier Text

Product attributes

                                                               ETHC series

Thermal Imager

Uncooled VOx Microbolometer

Picture format


Pixel (H x V)

320 (H) x 240 (V)

Pixel size

17 µm

Spectral band

8 - 14 µm

Frame rate

9 Hz / 30 Hz


< 50 mK at F/1.0

Automatic Functions for Image Optimizing

AGC, NUC [non-uniformity correction - automatic calibration function]

Image Contrast Enhancement

Yes / ICE for indoor/outdoor

Frame Rate

Up to 30 fps max. depending on type

Image Format


Digital Zoom

Yes / 4x

Color Displays

White Hot, Black Hot, div. Color palettes

On Screen Display

Yes / Date, Time and User defined text

Image rotation

Flip H / V

Lens / Field of view / MOD (Minimum Object Distance

The following fixed focal lengths / fiels of view are available:
7,5 mm / 42° (H) x 30° (V) / 2m
13 mm / 24° (H) x 12° (V) / 12m
35 mm / 9° (H) x 7° (V) / 35m

Operating temperature

- 40 °C to + 55 °C

Voltage supply

PoE (802.3af)

Power consumption

Max. 12,95 W incl heater


Ethernet (10/100 Base-T), RJ-45




802.1X Network Access Control and HTTPS, SSLv2v3

Embedded Memory

8 GB on Micro SD card

Dimensions WPH in mm (W x H x D)

135 x 120 x 350


Approx. 2.6 Kg

Integrated Heater

Yes / On/Off via thermostat switch

IP class

IP 66

Software Option

G-Core/CamConnect (8.34020)

Accessories incl.

Wall mount bracket G-WPH/WMB-001 (5.16200),
Preconfigured connection cable 5 m, RJ45 plug for „at site“ tool free assembly

Optional Accessories

Pole mount bracket WPH/PMA-345 (5.18372)
Connection cable with special length on request.


Order No.

G-Cam/ETHC-2310/ 30Hz/HFOV42°/f 7,5mm



Accessories WPH/PMA-345

Stainless steel pole mount adapter for 1x WK-400/500, WSG-421/3, WSG-521/3, Helios/BWM-001 or Helios/PSU-1/MMS-Adapter

  • Order-No. 5.18372
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