G-Link G-Link Server S

  • Order-No. 3.07530
Soft-Dongle for G-Link, startion with the version 2.17.6216. Platform for the connection of miscellaneous, specialized security installations to form a single complex, centrally controllable, homogeneous security system. Parallel transmission of event messages between the G-Link Server and all connected systems. Support of different protocols. Gradual expansion of the overall system by simple activation of integrations with option dongle. The connection to Geutebrück Video Management Systems is enabled by the options G-Link/G-Core, G-Link/GSC and G-Link/GeViSoft. Optional a redundant designing of the G-Link Server for the purpose of high availability is possible. Please find further details on the range of function in the description. For project-specific questions as well as information on new potential integrations please refer to our department Integrations & SDK.
  • Central integration of third-party systems, such as fire alarm systems, access control, intrusion detection systems, video analysis, etc.
  • Central parameterization of all interfaces and the respective data exchange
  • Permanent, factory integration of additional thirdparty systems
  • Automatic health examination of all related systems
  • Optional redundancy mode with two synchronized servers
  • Open to the future integration of many more thirdparty systems on request


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