7 Introductory Facts About Geutebrück USA


Geutebrück is a name synonymous with security in Germany and throughout Europe. In fact, it represents the gold standard of security, and the height of German engineering. Geutebrück USA makes their technology easily accessible in North America, handling all sales, service, support, and distribution for the region.

We have Nearly 50 Years of Consistent Private Ownership
Because we are privately owned, we do things differently.  Private ownership means we get to put our dealer integrators first and are not beholden to share or stockholders.

Geutebrück USA  Does Not Sell Direct to End Users
We do not sell direct to end users and there are no distribution channels.

We Offer Focused Video Surveillance
Geutebrück is first in quality, functionality, and reliability. It is German engineering at its best.

Our Products Take Video Surveillance Beyond Security
There’s more to running a business than security. Our sophisticated analytics add value by expanding surveillance capabilities allowing it to be used for other functions such as operational management. The integration of our value imaging into processes and procedures provides more insight and more control over outcomes.

Our Facial Recognition Analytics Offers Exceptional Features
Our video analytics includes many advanced features not found in most products, such as privacy analytics with facial pixilation for union compliance.

We Offer a Complete Portfolio of Products
In addition to a complete-line of the most sophisticated cameras and video management systems available, Geutebrück offers an enterprise video management system G-SIM. Geutebrück’s G-Link provides easy integration of access control systems like Lenel, AMAG, C-Cure and many more plus, connectivity to a wide selection of third-party applications. We offer an Open Platform which is extremely beneficial in larger integrations.

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