Geutebrück USA is presenting their highlights „Made in Germany“ at the ISC West in Las Vegas

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Anyone can record images. Yet the key is not just having thousands of images, but rather having the exact and right image at the decisive moment! This is the philosophy of Geutebrück. But how do you get a Winning Image? This is exactly where Geutebrück's proven interface expertise comes into account. After all, a picture alone is often not enough. But in combination with information from third party systems – such as perimeter protection or barcode scanners in the logistics – the value is quickly visible. „This is what we call Value Imaging, “explains Tarek Schönfelder, Sales Director Overseas. „In terms of conventional video security, companies invest to secure an area or a specific piece of property. Value imaging is an additional benefit that results from our solutions. If you visualize the interfaces in your processes, you can discover enormous potential. In our experience, Value Imaging is an investment that pays for itself within a few months,“ Schönfelder continues. What is meant by this exactly, can be seen at the Geutebrück booth. Another highlight is the new Geutebrück solution G-Health. This is a monitoring software, which monitors all critical system performance data and automatically reports every critical condition. This software is ideal for central remote diagnosis and maintenance of Geutebrück systems located, at geographically different sites.

Right now, Geutebrück is expanding their sales engagement at the US. With his two subsidiaries in Virginia and Texas and the headquarter in Tampa, Terry Ottinger, CEO Geutebrück USA, likes to expand with seven more subsidiaries all over the country. „To offer our consumers the best service, we enlarge our exclusive partner network right now. Geutebrück is offering German-engineered quality, certified trainings and full system design support – this are enormous advantages in the US market. I am looking forward to talk to many new and interesting contacts on the ISC West. Be curious, visit us and join the winning team,” says Ottinger.

Visit us at our booth 8103 at ISC West!