Geutebrueck Introduces New G-Scope+ generation of devices


The new G-Scope+ recorder series consists instead of 12 now 5 different recorder models with the new Geutebrueck design. This slimming down of the recorder portfolio makes it easy for the user to select the perfect device for specific requirements, of course with the well-known functionality.

All five recorder models have the latest generation of motherboards and processors as well as the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Embedded or Windows Server 2016 operating systems.

With this further development of the recorder portfolio of our G-Scope to G-Scope+, we are able to achieve a noticeable increase in the performance for processing video images. Further advantages are greater simplicity and flexibility in all application scenarios, associated savings in time, and cost for installers and operators.

Of course, the well-known, highly versatile functionality of the G-Core video management software, such as the high-end video engine with GPU acceleration in 64 bit architecture and the fulfillment of the most stringent data privacy requirements (privacy masking, manipulation-proof database architecture, watermark etc.), are retained.