How to protect cameras quickly and effectively from environmental influences


These days, IP cameras increasingly require sophisticated protection concepts. Geutebrück has addressed this challenge with the G-Case/WPH-1001 weatherproof housing for IP cameras. An integrated temperature-controlled heating system with heat protection for the lens and a fan for cooling protect the sensitive camera technology, ensuring a long and smooth service life. Thanks to the modular design, it is very easy to fit the camera into the weatherproof housing. A quick-change adapter and a special smartphone application for adjustment and positioning at the place of installation help with the final assembly and commissioning.

Time-consuming radio or telephone communication with a remote video management console is now a thing of the past, and the commissioning of an IP camera has now become much easier. Thanks to the new Geutebrück development, only a few steps are required: One person can pre-assemble and put together all camera components, even in large quantities, from the comfort of their dry and warm work place. Time-consuming steps at high altitudes and in bad weather are now a thing of the past. All connections are now made and the relevant cables are laid at the same time or afterwards, before the weather-proofed IP camera is fitted at the place of installation. This process is simplified because the G-Case/WPH-1001 weatherproof housing is big enough and has a cover that opens to the side. This means that the pre-assembled camera unit can be mounted quickly and in only a few simple steps.

Heating and ventilation thanks to PoE
Afterwards, a PoE cable is connected with the splitter pre-assembled in the weatherproof housing. This ensures data transmission with one click. The PoE connection also sets up the power supply for the fan integrated in the splitter and for the front pane heating. Both components protect the complex camera technology from environmental influences and always ensure uniform environmental parameters for smooth data transmission. This is of great benefit whenever there are environmental influences such as high temperatures or extreme humidity.

The final assembly of the weatherproof housing made of aluminum is performed using a quick-fit adapter with click mechanism, which is pre-assembled on the connection socket. Even at high altitudes, one person can set up the camera quickly, which means that within only a few seconds, installation of the LAN cable into the housing can begin using both hands. To provide optimal protection for the LAN connection, the LAN cable is fed through the inside of the quick-change adapter. This process is simplified with ready-made connectors, which have large openings with seals on the housing.

This well thought-out, stable and protective housing technology with its pre-installed components, integrated heater and fan in combination with the quick-change adapter make the G-Case/WPH-1001 a user-friendly solution that is quick and easy to install and easy to maintain. This pays off for installers and users given the low cost of the initial installation as well as over the entire lifetime of this security solution.