The perfect application of 360° cameras


Whenever a large area shall be observed by few cameras, moveable ones are the perfect choice. Often customers are reluctant in their decision for these because considerable prices and expected maintenance costs are deemed as an obstacle. In such cases the new 360° cameras are often the perfect choice. Since they do not utilize any moving elements, not only price and size are way below typical speed-dome cameras. Instead these cameras are permanently observing (and hence recording) the entire hemispherical view over a 360° span.

The so called dewarping function located either in the camera itself or in a connected VMS creates a picture that the user knows well from fixed cameras. At the same time a virtual kind of panning, tilting and zooming becomes possible without any physical movement within the camera. Therefore no wear and tear happens whatsoever. The surveillance is all discrete, because the actual field of view cannot be recognized from the camera.

However, the greatest advantage appears when the user attempts to make camera movements in pre-recorded footage: Surprisingly this becomes now possible, what no regular speed-dome camera is able to do! Integrated infrared LED illumination allows operation even in pitch black environment saving valuable energy for external lighting. For advanced viewing experience the picture can also be displayed in a virtual quad view of four 90° or two 180° viewers. Combining a comfortable and intuitive operation within the playback software and the highly competitive price of these cameras makes the users decision easy.

You can also see the advantages of 360° cameras at our youtube video.