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Perimeter protection

The greatest risk – and the one that draws the most media attention – is the potential escape of prisoners. The most effective protection is early detection of every attempt, and every attempt to provide help from the outside. The G-Tect/VMX video analysis system, developed by us and certified by independent third parties, uses user-defined alarm zones and alarm criteria to detect even the smallest movements. At the same time, it can reliably distinguish between human activity and animals or the effects of weather. The system can also detect objects, such as contraband or tools, that are thrown over a wall or fence or that are handed from one window to the next along the outer edge. Critical situations are detected immediately. The personnel can intervene preventively.

The advantages at a glance

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Security, self-defined

Monitor sensitive areas precisely with the help of intelligent alarm zones that you define yourself.

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Security made simple

The system settings are so easy to define that you can configure and adapt them yourself.

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Enhanced security

By connecting third-party systems, such as perimeter detection, you can increase your security level.

Our products for your perimeter protection


G-Core option for the provision of an easy to be parameterized and professional video analysis for one camera channel on G-Scope, especially suitable for the perimeter protection of critical surveillance zones

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