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We help you to protect what you value.

Geutebrück is an international supplier of video surveillance solutions for security (video security) and process optimization (value imaging). Those who use our solutions can rest assured that risks and losses are minimized, while security and profits are maximized. For almost 50 years, Geutebrück has served customers in over 70 countries, both when requirements are complex and, customized solutions are demanded. At the heart the Geutebrück system is a powerful, open software platform. Depending on the customer's needs and requirements, we offer complete solutions with powerful hardware components, from our wide-range of cameras to high-performance servers and additional services, all from a single source. 

Maximize security

Video Security protects all forms of properties against unauthorized access, vandalism, burglary and theft. Our software guarantees security personnel and managers, optimum and instant visualization of any situation. Automated alarm action sequences can be programmed to activate automatic barrier controls, door locks or to notify of responsible persons effectively and efficiently. With this solution, you always have control over the situation and the necessary ability to maintain concentration and composure, even during critical moments.

Maximize profits

Value Imaging is the logical extension of a video security system, to achieve measurable profit opportunities in the entire value chain - especially where goods are moved. Our systems link camera images with process data, for example, data from an ERP system. Information such as scanner data, temperature, weight, volume or time data are linked to real-time video images, therefore ensuring maximum transparency.

Delays, errors or inaccuracies within the supply chain, appear as an image on the monitor and provide the relevant data at the same time. Downtimes are significantly reduced, missing goods or components are found more quickly, transfers of risk are conclusively documented, and thefts or liability issues are immediately clarified. Our software sorts images into " essential " and " irrelevant ", analyzing all movements in real time, whether human, vehicle or goods.  Relevant images are always being processed, managed, stored and documented. Unusual incidents, damages or incorrect deliveries can be completely investigated from the time of their arrival until they have left the premises. Even if an event happened months ago, the image that reliably recorded the situation, is available to you in seconds and, in high quality.

Value Imaging reduces costs and thus, significantly and measurably increases our clients' profit margin. The perfect extension of the investment in security.

Protect personal rights and data in conformity with the law

Our software can mask or pixelate protected image areas or movements. This allows you to keep an overview of the relevant situation while protecting the privacy of employees, customers and suppliers. If a critical incident occurs where you need the complete un-pixelated video certain areas of the screen can be made visible again with the proper authorization. If required, this authorization can be set-up exclusively in pairs requiring a 4-eye password. Our systems have reliable protective mechanisms that block unauthorized access to images and data. In addition, the video data is legally admissible in court, as the video export is encrypted and password-protected if required.

Quality and reliability Made in Germany

Prestigious customers appreciate our industry expertise and certified "Made in Germany" quality. We create, innovate, develop and test with our own development team. This gives us maximum control over our intellectual property and the quality of the software.  It also helps us to be flexible to the needs of customers and to offer individual solutions.

Fail-safe operation is indispensable. Our flexible and reliable concepts from RAID storage to failover solutions, guarantee the availability of data according to your requirements, at all times. Flexibility and backward compatibility ensure a powerful solution, even years after commissioning.

We combine our experience with progress, foresight and prudence

As an independent family owned business with more than 250 employees and, sales/ service partners around the world, we are globally represented and enjoy a first-class reputation. For two generations we have been independent of shareholders or external investors and institutions. We always keep an eye on the rapidly changing market conditions and thus offer a maximum of investment security.

We are responsible

We have the expertise to offer you exactly the solution you need to meet or exceed your goals: from consulting to complementary services such as patch management, maintenance, performance tests and certifications. Geutebrück offers software and the corresponding hardware components from a single source, tested, designed and engineered to seamlessly work together. Should there every be any challenges, we do not discuss responsibilities, but we approach them immediately and in your best interest.



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