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Redundancy and data protection

A security system must be absolutely reliable. Redundancy in hardware and fail-over solutions in software offer comprehensive reliability. When errors do occur, predefined reporting and alarm procedures provide information immediately. Integrated camera position authentication (CPA) ensures that all cameras remain in their correct positions, recording the intended areas. Data protection is ensured through a comprehensive user rights management system. The integrated audit function documents every operator action. Liability issues after an incident, as well as the careful and conscientious work of your staff, are thus reliably documented.

The advantages at a glance

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Availability according to needs

Use our offer of redundancy in hardware and fail-over solutions on the software side to create your individual desired level of availability. Check the status of the system easily using the web tool. Automatically keep informed by the service technician regarding defects.

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User rights according to needs

Easily and centrally define the access rights for each user, each user group or each workstation – individually, flexibly and efficiently. You can even set up priorities for the control of moveable cameras depending on the user or status.

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Monitoring according to needs

Monitor and review the work of all users using the integrated audit function. Sift and analyze all system and operational processes using the tamper-proof, seamless, system-internal logging.

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