Video security from GEUTEBRÜCK in everyday use: The Parkhaus Hohe Promenade in Zurich


Parking Zürich AG in Zurich is very satisfied with everyday use of its video security solution from Geutebrück. The video solution contributes to efficient management of all supervised car parking lots. With its two control centers, all video analysis procedures can be performed in parallel. This provides the operator with flexibility for personnel planning. The interface to the intercom system from Commend AG and the parking from Scheidt & Bachmann round out the park management system in perfect harmony. The level of automation of the overall solution sets a new benchmark for Switzerland. The needs of the customer are fulfilled. And last but not least: The parked customers appreciate the recognizable safety features. The fundamental security concept was planned and installed by abaleo AG in Steckborn.

Currently, two parking lots are integrated. The Parkhaus Hohe Promenade in Zurich is centrally located, just a few minutes from the art house, theater and opera. Its entrance is located directly beside the entrance to the historic city center and its 500 parking spots are very popular. About 100 of these spots are extra large, making it possible to park larger cars and to get in and out more comfortably. 10 electric charging stations are available and as an added benefit to its customers, Parking Zürich AG provides numerous partner deals with nearby shops and restaurants. The car park opposite the main railway station is the central hub for coaches from all over Europe. As guests enter and exit in the nighttime as well, increased safety is extremely important. Thanks to the full HD technology and reliable compression methods from GEUTEBRÜCK, nothing gets by the control centers.

However, the "good feeling" when using the parking areas also plays a key role in the perceived level of comfort. The customers feel safe. Here, the operator uses high-quality GEUTEBRÜCK technology, equipping its building with some 100 GEUTEBRÜCK IP cameras and 5 Geutebrück virtualized servers. Emergency phones are ever present; there are about 40 of them, each operated in conjunction with a camera. When the emergency button is pressed, in addition to receiving the call, the security personnel can also see what is happening. Who is talking? What state is the person in? Is he or she alone? It becomes easier to make a thorough assessment of the situation.

The box of the parking lot in the Rämistrasse entrance is occupied around the clock. The video images of the 100 cameras are collected here and they are stored on a highly available Equallogic Storage system. This allows very short access times to the stored video sequences. The storage period reflects the importance of the corresponding process. The cashier is archived for several weeks, service requests from the intercoms are automatically deleted after a few days, incidents that are relevant for legal proceedings are also exported to an external data medium. At the same time, the material can be viewed from another box in another car park. The data exchange takes place via a direct connection of the control centers, in the final stage two fully redundant systems are planned.

Most recordings are initiated based on events, making it possible to reduce the quantity of stored data as well as preventing unnecessary distractions for the security personnel. The motion sensor is in the camera itself. This decentralized approach has the advantage that the decision to start recording is made directly on the scene. Thus data is only transferred to the server when something happens in the selected section of the image. The network load is reduced.

The video images are displayed via the Geutebrück management software GSC View. The individual settings are comprehensive. It is possible to optimize the settings for each parking lot and user. The operators will appreciate the ease of use. Other benefits include the intuitive interface and the remote access options via mobile telephones.

Nothing is quite as obvious as a broken gate. In this case, the financial loss can be considerable when customers are able to leave the car park without paying. However, with motion-based image activation, these types of problems are a thing of the past. Timely intervention is possible. When it comes to less obvious irregularities, the image quality of the cameras plays a crucial role. The fast, clear identification of misconduct, vandalism or fraud is a great benefit and enhances the economic benefit of the video security system. Annoying discussions can be avoided, as the facts quickly become clear. A few examples:

A common trick is to pull a parking ticket without driving into the car park. If a so-called backout ticket is generated, an alarm is generated and the sequence is recorded. If the "customer" complains of a malfunction when paying, using the ticket number it is easy to play back the recording and explain the misconduct to the "customer".

The documentation of the condition of the vehicles also saves money. When a ticket is requested at the entrance, an event data set is automatically recorded, along with the associated image data and the license plate. Subsequent complaints regarding vehicle damage can be easily verified. If the customer loses his or her ticket, using the license plate, the time of entry can be easily determined and a replacement ticket generated with the correct time. The customer is not required to pay the expensive full day rate, a feature that benefits the customer greatly! Another useful tool is automatic recording when the cash register is accessed. The images can be archived and used even months later to clear up inventory differences.

Parking Zürich AG is extremely satisfied with its GEUTEBRÜCK solution. Two of their car parks are already equipped with GEUTEBRÜCK technology. More are currently being planned.