G-SIM: Security Information Management

The ideal complement to your GEUTEBRÜCK video management solution

Clearly arranged, available at the right time. That's how you provide an overview of important information. We are familiar with all aspects of information including images, graphic maps, status details, process data, lists, work instructions and operator messages. With interfaces to your GEUTEBRÜCK video management system, your entire security infrastructure and even your process control system and facility management. With simple selection and customized representation in special reports in all common file formats. Combined with sophisticated expert functions. This is G-SIM.

NEW in G-SIM 5.0

Operation – simple, comfortable, individual

Alarm handling – safe, stress-free, prioritized

Video search – quick, easy, to the point

Start-up – easy, fast and perfectly supported

System management – efficient, flexible, secure

Access rights – exact, differentiated, protected

No security without availability