Security Information Management

G-SIM is the security information management from Geutebrueck. It collects and manages all information and data of the Geutebrueck world and all connected third-party systems. G-SIM offers the possibility to keep the overview about all sites and every single camera and to operate the system intuitively.

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All cameras at a glance
Maps are used as a graphical presentation of sites. You directly see, which camera is the currently important one to you.

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Fast process data search
Video and metadata of several weeks are searched through in just a couple of seconds and the results are displayed clearly.

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Intelligent alarm handling
Often a simple acknowledging of an alarm is not sufficient. Complex handling instructions and procedures are required. The alarm handling will be documented perfectly.

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Clear presentation
On a monitor-wall, maps and a huge number of cameras can be shown in parallel. G-SIM supports the display as well as the handling.

Failure safety

G-SIM offers two ways of redundancy. The server failover protects G-SIM itself. The recorder failover ensures that you won’t have recording gaps, even in the case of a failure.


G-SIM solutions overview

  Express Standard Professional Enterprise
128/fix 128/fix 256/fix 512/open
Operator Console
3/open unlimited unlimited unlimited
Remote Console
0/open unlimited unlimited unlimited
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
1/fix unlimited unlimited unlimited
Version without Camera Failover not available
Version with Camera Failover not available
Server Failover not available
Active Directory not available
Control Server not available not available not available

New options of G-SIM

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Global connectivity with G-SIM/Global

G-SIM/Global goes a step further. Specially designed to meet customer requirements, G-SIM/Global links G-SIM systems at different locations and access to all systems from any location - even worldwide. The setup with all parameterized G-SIM functions is synchronized almost in real time.

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Optimized search with Video Track & Trace

Video Track & Trace improves workflow and speeds up parcel or pallet searches by linking image data. No more tedious rewinding and rewinding of recorded camera images. All relevant waypoints are available at a glance. This improves the quality of the search and increases the output.


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G-SIM packages and options

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