The perfect assistant for the operator

Professional video analysis

Video systems generate a large quantity of data that can no longer be usefully analyzed by humans. It is important to filter out the relevant information for the viewer. Analysis algorithms are tireless and never get distracted by adrenaline. They continually monitor any scene and immediately sound an alarm when a critical situation arises. They can draw the operator's attention to what is actually important. Rely on your video assistant and you will be able to maintain your overview of the situation. You yourself will be able to concentrate on other tasks in a relaxed manner.

We consider analysis algorithms to be one of our core competencies. We develop them internally, taking advantage of over 40 years of experience in security systems. The focus is on your needs: The adaptability to your individual scenes, simplicity in setup and operation and reliability in detection. Optimized algorithms are available for every application: the choice is yours. Each of them is safe, easy to use and reliable.

G-Tect video analysis methods