For IP cameras in the G-Cam/E2 series

Video Content Analysis

Counting, detection, identification of moving patterns and features – accurate and reliable.

No matter the type of objects you need to detect automatically in video recorders, the video content analysis VCA provides exactly the right features.


Integrated in IP cameras in the G-CAM/E2 series, it reliably detects people, vehicles (cars/trucks), animals or other objects (packages, pallets, containers, etc.) in the moving images of the camera, day or night.


Using object counting, you can automatically determine how many people, vehicles or other objects have traversed a counting line that can be positioned freely in the picture. You maintain an overview of the situation, for customers in a bank, in retail settings, for vehicles in a parking garage or goods in a logistics company.

Intrusion Detection turns your IP camera into an effective, active perimeter protection device. It recognizes and reports every attempt to overcome the security system in order to protect it against burglary or theft. It is perfect for securing vehicles or high-quality goods on premises with fencing.


The Dwell Filter (Loitering) detects when people are moving or remaining in a marked area of the image for a certain amount of time, for example, to gain information about the security systems in a bank.


Many other interesting functions and detection filters that can linked together using logic functions make it possible to detect movement patterns depending on behavior and direction, such as intrusion, stopping, lingering, appearance, disappearance, remaining as well as certain characteristics of the objects (colors and size) in the image.


Video content analysis is available in various function packages. You can choose the right package that is tailored to your requirements and fields of application:


Video Content Analysis (VCA) for IP cameras in the G-Cam/E2 series

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