A new era in Video Management


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Security is just as essential for a two-man company as for a large group of companies. That is why even our smallest compact solution provides a high security level and sophisticated technology. It can provide the same performance, flexibility and reliability as a powerful server solution. And your solution grows with you. It adapts to your needs. It can integrate new modules, from A (such as automatic number plate recognition) to Z (such as zone detection methods). As your needs develop. It's not about what we can do, but rather what you need. And how you need it.

Our new G-Scope makes life easy. It offers a greatly expanded level of base functionality. Much of what was previously additional software is now "all inclusive". Much of what came from different generations is now harmonized. Plenty of power, lots of experience, your benefit. Easily adjustable and easy to use – for both beginners and experts.

G-Core: Totally simple.

Simply comfortable. Comfortable because it's simple! Simple and comfortable. This was and is the most important guiding principle for the development of our new product generation. We are proud of the results: A comprehensive video solution that makes your job both easy and comfortable.

Compliance and data protection

Data protection and compliance are more than just popular buzzwords. Not because we have become better people, but rather because data can travel around the world in a matter of seconds. And then it's out there forever! Messages about targeted or even inadvertent disregard for intellectual property, invasions of privacy or image rights are a daily occurrence. The "offenders" range from adolescents with hacker ambition to overmotivated managers and security officers to paid spies.

Critics often miss the point, however. Video surveillance in particular is often demonized in the discussion on privacy. But this is unnecessary and hasty. With careful planning and wise use of well-controlled systems, a wide range of vulnerabilities can be eliminated. Mature technologies provide concrete functions for data protection and compliance.

External attacks differ in many ways from attacks performed internally. We have developed security options to combat both dangers. Which of them you use depends on your risk assessment, your protection objectives and the functionality of your video system.