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Video tampering

We know about image tampering from crime series such as CSI, etc. With just a few clicks, time and date are changed, people retouched, evidence added or details deleted.

With the video security systems by Geutebrück, this is not so easy. Our experts always think of something new to prevent unauthorized or criminal access.

Our video security systems are best grouped into “seeing”, “identifying” and “proving”.

Security can only be guaranteed with professional installation

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Any video security system is only maximally efficient and successful when the installation is planned using a risk-oriented approach and carried out professionally. The goal is quite simple. The video security system itself must also be protected.

Here are some helpful installation tips:

Access to technology is made difficult
The central equipment (recorders, servers, switches, etc.) should be located in a locked room away from public spaces, where they should be further secured with cameras and video content analysis.

Separate power supply
To prevent someone (deliberately) causing a short circuit, power should be provided via a separate residual current device and a separate circuit breaker. It would be even better to connect the system to an emergency power supply, if one is available.

Separated network
To make a direct network connection impossible, the video security system should be operated on its own network that is separate from the building’s main network.

Gaining access to this video network must be well protected. ALL network components should be password-protected. Operation of the system should not be possible on the generally available PCs in the building, or if this option is provided, operation on these PCs should be limited. All safety features of the IT infrastructure must be used consistently and using the latest software.

Additional system monitoring and analysis components, such as different failover concepts to increase the redundancy or permanent system analysis (health monitoring) of the recorders add to the reliability of the system.

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Which protection mechanisms are of particular interest to the logistics industry?

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A logistics company is a bit like a beehive – everything is in motion, things are delivered, reloaded, unloaded and dropped off. This complex and sensitive process is as worthy of protection as the goods it handles themselves. The perfect application environment for Geutebrück solutions when it comes to automated yard management, visual documentation and track & trace.

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