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Resolution and court-admissible evidence

Visual documentation

Visual documentation

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Supply chain logistics is a complex process of moving goods from one location to another and involves multiple agencies at various junctures such as sellers, freight forwarders, transporters, shipping lines, departmental  agencies and more. At any one of these points, goods can be vulnerable to theft or damage, but without proper documentation, it is impossible to know where that occured.

Many businesses use Enterprise Resource Planning to provide an overview of core businesses processes. However, theft and damage to goods are difficult to detect using ERP systems. The quantity of the goods recorded in the system does not match the number actually counted in the warehouse. What happened and who is liable for the damage? As a shipper, you are responsible for properly securing the goods. How can you ensure that you are not held liable for downstream transport damage?

Smooth flowing of materials in a journey originating at one point and going through the entire cycle of exports and imports to reach a point of consumption would mean engagement and interaction with all of the involved agencies who have a stake in the transaction. Documentation becomes a critical component for the physical logistics operations involving multiple agencies engaged in the entire chain in order to recognize the sale, recognize value of consignment and effect necessary payment.

Visual Documentation Solves the Problem

Using our systems, you link process data (for example, scan or RFID) from your ERP system or information, such as weight and temperature of the goods, with video images. In this way, you can find useful pictures at the push of a button and can easily answer the following questions: Was the shipment already damaged at the goods receipt? How many pallets were actually delivered? In what condition did the goods leave as outgoing goods? With this visual information you have evidence that is admissible in court regarding the condition of the goods and complex reporting available at the press of a button. In addition, you can detect real irregularities in your processes and fix them. You also have an efficient tool to train your employees. Regardless of which in-house system you use, our solution can be easily integrated into your environment.

All the added value at a glance:

Goods receiving 

  • Visual proof of the condition and quantity of goods
  • Resolution of incidents of theft and damage
  • Documentation of unloading processes and reloading
  • Detection of deviations in weight and temperature


  • Resolution of complaint cases
  • Visual documentation of complete and error-free packaging
  • Protection of employees in case of irregularities
  • Security in case of fraud attempts

Outgoing goods

  • Documentation of cargo security and transitions of liability
  • Protection in case of downstream transport damage
  • Fulfillment of regulations (such as known consignor)
  • Documentation of court-admissible evidence of condition
  • Identification of loading mistakes

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Value imaging: Visual documentation

Resolution and court-admissible evidence

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Optimization of processes and elucidation of irregularities

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Documentation of court-admissible evidence of condition

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Ensuring proper loading