XRay Accessories VGA-Splitter/2Port/M-F-F

Professional VGA splitter for doubling one VGA source onto two VGA ports. Will be required in connection with a G-Scope/1106 (required 1x) or a G-Scope/1206 (required 2x)

  • Order-No. 5.39420
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XRay Accessories VGA-Cable/1,8m/M-M

VGA monitor cable with D-Sub 15 pin, Length: 1.8 m, Type: Male / Male (DE-15 connector)

  • Order-No. 5.39400
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XRay Accessories DVI-I/VGA-Adapter/F-M

DVI-I to VGA adapter, Type: DVI-I (Dual Link) Female to D-Sub 15 pin, Male (DE-15 connector)

  • Order-No. 5.39405
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XRay Accessories VGA/VGA-Adapter/F-F

VGA gender changer D-Sub 15 pin, Type: Female / Female (DE-15 connector)

  • Order-No. 5.39406
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