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Transparency of vehicles and processes

Automated yard management

Automated yard management

Your added value

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Time is money: This is especially true for optimal processes on your yard. Long waiting times at the entrances are not only inefficient, they can also lead to irregularities and blockades. Do you always have an overview of all the vehicles on your premises? If parking areas and maneuvering areas are crowded, unauthorized vehicle stays (truck breaks) are often the reason. A further challenge includes irregularities at the entrance and exit: Are the swap bodies correctly assigned? Was the seal damaged when entering the site?

How it works: Automated yard management

You have a complete overview and control of all vehicle movements on your premises. Our system automatically records the number plates of cars and trucks at the entrance. In addition, using plate and trailer numbers, you define the permissions that a vehicle receives on your premises. In this way, you document all vehicle movements without gaps and can react directly to irregularities – such as lengthy stays. In addition, you will receive visual proof of the condition of the truck at the entrance and exit, for example, about the seals or damage to the vehicle. Automation makes your yard management more efficient, reduces waiting times and reduces the workload of your staff. Outdoor cameras combined with our intelligent video analysis also protect your premises from intruders.

All the added value at a glance:

Entrance and exit

  • Optimization of waiting times
  • Automated access and exit
  • Efficient management of trucks
  • Transparency regarding volume and length of stay
  • Visual evidence, for example, of seals


  • Control of vehicle movements
  • Overview of vehicles on the premises
  • Visual evidence of damage
  • Documentation of vehicle length of stay (truck breaks) Security for critical areas

Perimeter protection

  • Protection of employees and property
  • Security from intruders
  • Overview, even for spacious areas
  • Interfaces for access controls, intruder detection systems, etc.

Download: Overview of our solutions

Value imaging: Automated yard management

Transparency of vehicles and processes

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Overview of vehicle movements

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Automated access and exit

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Control of permissions