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Soft-Dongle for G-Stats, starting with the version The browser based tool enables the graphical presentation and analyzability of counting data. The necessary data is provided by the camera based Video Content Analytics VCAcount or VCAadvances of the E2 series. The development can be displayed in form of different charts . A comparison of single passages is also possible. The operability is intuitive and shows all relevant data at a glance. The purchase of this dongle includes five passages as well as one year G- Stats/Weather for free. G-Stats/Passages - Each option enables the evaluation of five passages. One passage can be formed by several counter lines which can detect asynchronous and simultaneous crossing from two directions. Recognizing peak times by counting persons in a mall or detecting high parcel volume in a logistics centre are possible scenarios. Data can be retraced and compared to the data of the past years. G-Stats/Weather - The option enables the presentation of counting data depending on the local weather conditions. Therefore, the influence due to weather and temperature fluctuations can be analyzed and connected to the counting results. The option G-Stats/Weather is valid for one year after the activation. A direct activation for several years is possible.
  • Clear, statistical visualisation of counted objects
  • Display of count process in day-, week-, month- or year diagrams
  • Local and global evaluation of counting areas
  • Livecounter for an overview just in time
  • Optional connection of data with weather data


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Live ticker: Live visitors/objects
The live ticker widget shows a quick overview of the last "entrances" and "exits"
Values as well as the persons/objects located in the counting area ("inside").
When multiple cameras are used, the values of all cameras are displayed cumulatively.


Visitors/objects in the past 2/4/6/8 hours
The visitor widget displays an overview of the "entrance" and "exit" values as well as the persons within the counting area of the last 8 hours in 2 hours increments. Optionally with the corresponding weather data.


Average visitors/objects ("entrance")
Quick overview of today's/yesterday's visitors as well as the average visitors of the
last 7, 30 and 365 days.


Visitors/objects in the last 48 hours
Quick overview and comparison of the visitor/object numbers of the current and the previous day.


Visitors/objects today
The widget displays the visitors/objects ("entrance") of the current day of the week, compared with that weekday a week, a month, and a year before.


Most visitors/objects
List of days with the most visitors/objects ("entrance").


Live visitors/objects
Displays the current entrance and exits in 10 second intervals.

Visitor/object history

Daily/weekly/monthly/annual diagram on the number of visitors/objects ("entrance") with print and export function (pdf, excel, csv, xml, json).

Rush hours

Visitors/objects per hour
Displayed over the course of the day ("in", "out", "inside") over adjustable time periods with print and export function (pdf, excel, csv, xml, json).

Weekday diagram

Visitors/objects by weekday / by month
Pie charts and tables with the percentage distribution of the visitors per weekday and per month with print and export function (pdf, excel, csv, xml, json).


Visitors/objects by passages (counting areas)
Tables with the number of visitors/objects ordered by passage – today, in the last 30 days, since the beginning of the count and in the last 10 days, in absolute numbers and percentage.


Live visitors
Display of current entrances and exits.

Weather (only with software option

Weather/temperature diagram
Display of weather and temperature data in relation to visitors/objects ("entrances") over adjustable time periods with print and export function (pdf, excel, csv, xml, json).

G-Stats Visualization

Order No. 3.07670
G-Stats software (incl. dongle, 1x G-Stats/Passages and 2 years of G-Stats/Weather)

Software options:



Order No. 8.34603
Option for the evaluation of an additional 5 passages (counting areas).


Order No. 8.34610
Option for the evaluation of the counting data depending on the local weather.
G-Stats/Weather is valid for one year after activation. Direct release for several years is possible.

* full functionality only with Google Chrome