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We help protect what you value

The Geutebrück complete solution, from a single source that combines data and video images. Only one system is needed to optimize highly complex processes while protecting valuable property of all kinds.

One glance at a video image linked to a data point is all it takes to reduce downtimes, find goods that are missing faster, document the transfer of liability with conclusive evidence and immediately identify theft and risk issues. Looking at a video image is also enough to protect values, buildings and people.

Geutebrück supports security personnel with individual, pre-defined, automated alarm action sequences giving them the ability to react in a focused and calm manner at critical moments and to make optimum use of valuable time.

 This is only possible thanks to a powerful, open platform. The software,  developed by our own team and optimally written to work with our hardware and tested together at the Geutebrück headquarters in Germany. 

Geutebrück’s open platform communicates easily with third-party systems - thanks to our own individually programmed interfaces. In this way, we bring transparency and efficiency into every value-added chain, while still ensuring the highest possible level of data protection. All recorded data is securely stored and, if desired, can be retrieved quickly even after months. Unauthorized access is impossible due to our granular security controls. All data is encrypted and tamper proof  to ensure that our image format is permitted admissible as proof in a court of law. 

Every project that we encounter, has different technical, spatial and climatic requirements, which we take very seriously. Even after installation, we support our customers with patch management, warranty extension, maintenance contracts, performance tests and certifications.  We provide that support and personal contacts, no matter which time zone or where around the world that are. 

Geutebrück is a family business, which is managed by the second generation, independent of authorities, institutions, shareholders or banks. For nearly 50 years we have been consistently offering high-quality Made in Germany solutions, which are powerful, flexible, reliable and backed with expertise and service. This combination makes us one of the world's most sought-after providers of video solutions. 

With employees worldwide, our subsidiaries and international partners on all continents are really very proud of our commitment to excellence!

Ce que nous disons sur nous

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Qui nous sommes aujourd'hui ...

... une entreprise familiale typique - et fière de l'être. Propriétaires dans la deuxième génération, nous nous sentons comme une grande famille. Comme chaque famille, nous avons créé notre « propre univers ».

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D'où nous venons ...

... du « garage » classique - sans blague ! Avec les années, nous avons grandi avec nos clients et leurs besoins. Notre chemin a aussi rencontré quelques virages, mais ce fut toujours passionnant. Découvrez notre histoire de manière rapide.

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Où nous aimerions aller ...

... chez vous ! Nous aimerions avoir vos problèmes - et les résoudre ! Et ce mieux que tous les autres, aujourd'hui et dans l'avenir. Pour cela, nous nous développons et développons nos solutions continuellement conformément à vos besoins, comme nous l'avons déjà fait chez de nombreux autres clients.


Ce que nous pouvons vous offrir ...

  • Solutions adaptées pour des utilisateurs professionnels
  • Chances adaptées pour des commerçants engagés
  • Concepts adaptés pour des planificateurs compétents
  • Carrières adaptées pour des salariés motivésr
» Des tiers indépendants le confirment également avec leurs certifications.

Ce que nous aimerions vous offrir ...

Nous prenons du plaisir à faire ce que nous faisons ! Avec nos solutions, nous aimerions également vous donner un peu de plaisir dans votre travail quotidien. Katharina Geutebrück et Christoph Hoffmann, Direction de l'entreprise Tél.: +49 2645 137-0
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