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Geutebrueck is an international player when it comes to protecting values: People, property, relationships and processes. Whoever uses our solutions can be certain to maximise security, minimise losses and make profits. Our solutions in the fields of video security and value imaging are tailor made, highly technically complex and yet extremely easy and intuitive to operate. As a medium-sized family company, whose founders literally started out tinkering in a garage almost 50 years ago, we assert ourselves confidently on the international market. Our yardstick is none other than ‘Made in Germany’. All over the world, reputable clients value our experience, our enthusiasm, our tradition and our predictability.

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Video Security

Maximum security – because we adapt our surveillance solutions to the requirements of our customers.

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Value Imaging

Maximum efficiency – because we detect hidden profit potential by optimizing processes.

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Katharina Geutebrück: What is Value Imaging?

Uncover hidden potential by using supply chain visualization: Identify the sources of errors, control material flows and document process steps without gaps.

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