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Security for hospitals, clinics and forensic facilities

Protect your patients, your visitors and your staff

Every hospital should provide its patients and visitors with a real sense of "security". Achieving this is a difficult task for you as an operator. Everything has to fit together perfectly: the medical services, the care, the technology, and protection against direct and indirect health risks and even criminal acts. Theft, vandalism, property damage, sabotage, kidnapping, the list of dangers is long. The safety of patients and visitors must always be ensured. Only the combination of technology, organization and personnel, adapted to the local conditions, makes an effective, functional security concept possible.

Your professional GEUTEBRÜCK video security system is a central component of this security concept, using open interfaces to all your other security systems to always provide the necessary video information at the right time.

Video security for medicine

Preventive, informative, conclusive.

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From patient observation to fire protection

Automatically or manually – you observe and monitor exactly what you need to see for preventative measures. Patient monitoring in intensive care, supervision of access control and monitoring of alarm situations: the perfect video security solution for every task.

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Recognize and respond

The intelligent video analysis automatically detects exactly what is required. Alarm video activation, saved prehistory plus live stream with graphic site maps help you clearly identify the situation and initiate appropriate measures.

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Analyze and secure evidence

Dual Data Base Architecture – effective search algorithms quickly find the recorded incident. Time, date, event type, movement in the frame, fast-forward, rewind for all cameras or just one – search filters with incomparable access speed – you only need a fraction of a second to find the evidence you require.

Applications for your video security system for medicine: