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To protect our valuable cultural treasures

Video security for museums and cultural institutions

Burglary, theft, vandalism – as the security officer of a museum or cultural institution, you are all too aware of these three hazards for valuable exhibits. Art thieves or always looking to steal valuable paintings or exhibition items. And if it does happen, you are the one to answer for it. Early detection is the surest method of preventing these dangers from happening. The sooner you can see which danger is acute, the quicker you can react.

Your GEUTEBRÜCK video security system immediately shows you when something unusual happens – in real-time, high-resolution video images. Everywhere: In your security headquarters, on your table or smartphone or as a remote notification for your security service provider or even directly with your local police station. Take advantage of our decades of experience protecting the most famous museums and exhibitions in the world.

Our speed is your key to greater security.

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Megapixel images – ultra fast, smooth and seamless

Pure power! 64-bit video engine, GPU acceleration, dual database architecture and adaptive stream management. What this means for you: Brilliant, high-resolution live images, ultra-fast access to stored images, on any network with minimum bandwidth usage.

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Intelligent video analysis in real time

Our 3D analysis algorithm identifies exactly what could be dangerous for you. Indoors, outdoors, day or night, rain or snow, very fast or very slow – every movement, every object, large or small, will be reliably identified and evaluated in real time.

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Instantaneous alarm activation – past and present in parallel

Suddenly, an alarm! Live images and prehistory are switched on – you immediately see what is happening and how the situation came about. You can assess the situation in mere seconds and initiate immediate countermeasures automatically or manually. You thus gain valuable time. Time that the intruders will miss.

Our security solutions for your exhibitions: