G-SIM X PANOPTICON, the latest release of Geutbrück's management system, is setting a new standard for safety and performance

mars 30, 2021

Windhagen, 30th March 2021 - A new standard for safety and performance is set by G-SIM X Panopticon. The latest major release by Geutebrück, global experts in image-based software systems, integrates additional features designed for more rapid and cost-effective set-up, enhanced intuitive operation, and multi-site networking.

The updated Management Console (ManCon) supports configuration via direct feedback as well as an embedded live plausibility check. Numerous administrators may work simultaneously on the parameterization of a system. Likewise, several servers may be configured by one administrator. Noticeably slimmed-down menu structures provide a clear overview and facilitate configuration.

The enhanced user interface Operator Console (OpCon) adjusts to the user, workplace environment and individual workflows. Web-browser integration allows web-based applications such as the news channel to be displayed and third-party systems, like the access or building management system, to be operated. Georeferenced maps accurately display static camera and object locations. Video systems distributed across geographic locations in particular thus have precise orientation.

The AI-based solutions for face mask detection and body temperature measurement (BTM) are more deeply embedded in G-SIM. An overlay in the viewer displays alarms, object contours, measuring ranges and the body temperature data. 

 With the G-SIM/Global software option, a number of independent G-SIM servers in geographically dispersed locations link together to form a global security network. G-SIM is the adequate solution for effectively securing many locations. This would include, for example, the transportation sector, industry, government agencies and companies with multiple stores, electricity suppliers and their distribution networks, critical infrastructure facilities, and all those operating centralized and decentralized process monitoring or supply chains.  They can operate autonomously, have access to the control centers at other sites in a stand-in or emergency scenario, and can even assume control there.

The encrypted communications between all components, including the option of customer-specific certificate management, are another important component for guaranteeing availability.

Managing Director Katharina Geutebrück is convinced: " Our clients are expecting high availability, reliability, efficiency and flexibility. G-SIM X Panopticon satisfies these standards for an optimum overview from a central location. On top of that, all features are DSGVO-compliant and meet the latest IT security standards." 

Geutebrück is an international provider of proprietary, high-performance video security software and the corresponding hardware. The medium-sized, owner-managed company with headquarters in Windhagen near Bonn was founded in 1970 and has well-known customers in over 70 countries.