Video security goes mobile - your smartphone as security camera

septembre 29, 2021

Flexible visual documentation of logistics processes, live images in the control room of critical situations, detailed reporting of damages - all this is possible simply with a smartphone.

A shipment is damaged or your customer complains about missing parts? Your employee is threatened or observes an acute threat situation? Your property has been damaged or vandalized? Now video images can help - even without permanently installed video cameras.  

Geutebrück, video security specialist, provides the solution and integrates smartphones as image sources into professional video management systems. The new app for Android smartphones sends the video streams recorded with the integrated camera live via WIFI or LTE network to your G-Core video management system – optionally including audio. For logistics applications, it automatically recognizes bar, QR or other scan codes in the image and combines the scan data with the video footage. The app also allows the triggering of events and adding of comments, which can then be used as a search criterion. Damage to property, e.g. due to vandalism, is thus documented quickly and comprehensively. In the case of an acute emergency, an alarm can be triggered to be displayed live in a central monitoring station including the associated smartphone video (and audio) stream.  

Search, display and image retrieval are just as fast and convenient as with permanently installed cameras. All relevant images are immediately and clearly displayed via the event data such as comments or scan codes. Using the tamper-proof and court-certified GBF format, the sequences can be securely exported with the associated metadata to document the incident in the long term and preserve evidence. Existing systems can be flexibly expanded, smartphones and standard security cameras can be combined as required. 

Special attention is paid to data protection and data security. The app functions exclusively as an image and data source and does not provide access to recorded images. Registering the smartphones used on the server ensures that only authorized devices function as image sources. Additionally, the app manages its own users - only they can operate the app to initiate video and data recording. All data is protected in the video management system in a GDPR-compliant manner and stored securely from unauthorized access, even if a registered smartphone is lost.


About Geutebrück:  

Geutebrück is world leader for video systems "Made in Germany". The medium-sized, internationally active, family-owned company enables customer-specific solutions with value imaging and video security that minimize losses and maximize profits. In this way, Geutebrück helps to protect: People, property, relationships or processes.


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