Version: 1.0
Last updated: 08/16/2010
Type: Licence/G-WalknView
Order No.: 8.31280

Company / Developer:

MediaLAN GbR Software-Entwicklung für die Sicherheitstechnik

Erich-Ponto-Str. 22
01097 Dresden / Germany



  • viewing live and recorded video streams on iPhone or iPad (iPad coming soon)
  • move to preset positions (PTZ)
  • Protection by authentication
  • possibility to adjust the stream parameters depending on the available bandwidth
  • independent multi client access
  • running in the Safari browser, no special Apple-App needed

G-WalknView offers mobile access to your GEUTEBRÜCK CCTV System.  It enables displaying live streams of Geutebrück DVRs GeViScope/re_porter on your iPhone or iPad. Furthermore recorded video material can be investigated.

Fix positions of PTZ cameras can be called up via Touch.

Controlling the stream parameters offers a smooth video streaming even with low available bandwidth.

Independent access of streams by mobile devices is possible. To protect your CCTV System by default only authenticated access via mobile devices are allowed.

Beside an easy installation the G-WalknView is characterized by its intuitive and for iPhone users well known user concept.

G-WalknView was realized as a pure browser application. It can be used with the Safari browser available on the device. The purchase of a special Apple App via iTunes is not necessary.


G-WalknView can be used from Version 5.0.790.99 of the GeViScope/re_porter software.
Apart from iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS also iPhone 4 and iPad are supported. At least iOS Version 4.0.1 (8A306) is needed.

Technical Overview:

G-WalknView is part of the functionality of GscStreamer, which is a component of the GeViScope/re_porter Software.

G-WalknView communicates with one of more GeViScope server and receives the needed video streams. The video footage will be processed to have a smooth stream displayed in the Safari browser of the Apple device.

User interactions with the dynamic content shown in the browser are send back from the mobile device to the G-WalknView. There they are converted in corresponding commands for the connected GeViScope servers.

For user authentication G-WalknView uses the login data configured in the respective GeViScope server.

Give G-WalknView a test with your iPhone:
Username: iphone
Password: iphone

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