The Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG) - Safe take-off into orbit

The Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG) near Kourou in French Guyana is also known as the European Spaceport. This is where the Ariane carrier rockets are launched from.

The project

The French Guiana Space Center creates ideal surroundings for Arianespace's commercial launches with the heavy-lift rocket Ariane 5, the medium-sized Soyuz and the light Vega. The GEUTEBRÜCK video technology defies the challenging tropical climate and is used both for high-security tasks (such as monitoring 35km of fence) and for the surveillance of work processes.

Your personal contact to us

Do you have a similar challenge? Geutebrück is handling the project engineering, planning, support, installation and commissioning as well as service and maintenance. Employees are trained by Geutebrück in handling the system, so that all users are able to operate the hardware and software in accordance with their individual authorization of access.

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